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Enterprise Network Pricing Service (연간구독)

기업용 네트워크 요금의 정보 서비스(연간구독)
Enterprise Network Pricing Service


미국의 조사 회사 텔레 지오 그래피사의 「기업용 네트워크 요금의 정보 서비스/Enterprise Network Pricing Service」는, IP-VPN의 국제 요금, 전용선의 소매요금, 전용선 인터넷 접속(Dedicated Internet Access)서비스의, 최신의 가격 데이터와 트랜드 분석을 제공하고 있습니다. 제공된 가격 정보는 경쟁입찰 또는 할인 가격으로 반영되어 있습니다.

이 서비스는 구독자에게는 본 서비스의 데이터베이스 액세스 외 하기의 서비스가 제공됩니다.

•벤치마킹 네트워크 분석(연 4회)
•기업용 시장 요약 레포트(연 4회)
•애널리스트의 질문 시간

→ 가격표



TeleGeography’s Enterprise Network Pricing Service is a detailed and up-to-date source of pricing data and expert analysis of pricing trends for international IP VPN, retail private line, and Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) services. Prices reflect competitive bid or discounted list prices.

Subscriptions to the Enterprise Network Pricing Service include:

  • ・Access to TeleGeography’s Enterprise Networks Pricing Database
  • ・Bi-Annual Benchmark Network Analysis
  • ・Quarterly Enterprise Market Summary Report
  • ・Analyst time for in-depth inquiries

Pricing Database

The Enterprise Networks Pricing Database provides detailed quarterly price quotes encompassing more than 1 million data points from 2006 to the present. The pricing database covers:

  • ・IP VPN Services: Port plus network charge from 64 kbps to Gigabit Ethernet, by Class of Service, geography, and service provider. Data cover more than 100 major cities, including new cities in Africa and Asia.
  • ・Private Line: Competitive enterprise private line prices from 64 kbps to Gigabit Ethernet on approximately 120 key city-to-city routes.
  • ・Dedicated Internet Access: DIA charges by port speed from 64 Kbps to Gigabit Ethernet in more than 60 major cities.

Benchmark Network Analysis

Twice annually, TeleGeography analyzes four IP VPN bid scenarios, based on 10-site IP VPN networks in Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America. The benchmark network analysis provides insight into total cost of ownership of IP VPN services, detailing equipment rental, port charge, management and local access costs by region. Individual bids are presented anonymously, but broken out by carrier. Data are presented in spreadsheet format for convenient analysis.

Quarterly Enterprise Market Summary

TeleGeography’s Enterprise Market Summary Report examines enterprise network pricing trends around the world. Each report analyzes new market trends, and pricing developments by service, port speed, and geography. Recent reports have covered such issues as:

  • ・Layer 2 vs. Layer 3 VPN
  • ・Factors affecting VPN port pricing
  • ・Local access market overview

Analyst Inquiry Time

Subscriptions to the Enterprise Network Pricing Service include 1 hour of analyst access time for single user subscribers and 4 hours for enterprise license holders. Clients may use this time to explore specific issues in enterprise networks pricing. Examples of projects include:

  • ・Obtain current pricing for specific routes and technologies not currently covered
  • ・Apply our knowledge and data to help you compete for a customer or write an RFP
  • ・Set benchmarks for current providers or customers
  • ・Review market trends with our pricing analysts



라이센스 수 가격
온라인 버전 – 싱글 유저 라이센스 (질문 시간 3시간 포함) US$ 18,000
온라인 버전 – 엔터프라이즈 라이센스 (질문 시간 5시간 포함) US$ 27,500