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Latin America Telecommunications Map 2012

라틴 아메리카 지역의 통신 맵 2012
Latin America Telecommunications Map 2012

출판일 2012년6월
작성자 TeleGeography

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The Latin America Telecommunications Map is the newest addition to our map collection. It depicts 33 active and planned submarine cables and provides key telecom data for 21 countries in Latin America.

Latin America Cable Map

The map depicts routes of 31 active and 2 planned undersea cables. Insets provide detailed information about cable legs connecting to landing stations in Southern Florida and San Juan.

International Voice and Internet Maps

Inset maps depict Latin America’s largest international voice traffic routes and highest capacity Internet routes.

Latin America Telecom Data
Country summaries present telecom metrics for 21 countries, including:

  • •Demographics: households, population
  • •Telecom service penetration: wireless subscriber penetration, and broadband and fixed-line household penetration
  • •Bandwidth: used international bandwidth and growth rate, 2007-2014
  • •Service pricing: 10 Mbps IP VPN Prices by Country, Q4 2011
  • •Dialing Codes


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