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Wholesale Bandwidth Pricing Database Service (연간 구독)

대역폭 가격의 데이터베이스 서비스 (연간 구독)
Wholesale Bandwidth Pricing Database Service


TeleGeography’s Bandwidth Pricing Database Service is a database of wholesale private line prices on more than 230 routes worldwide. Updated quarterly, the database includes more than 230,000 anonymous carrier price quotes from 1998 to the present.

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Applications of the Pricing Database

  • Benchmarking — ensure the best price possible, whether you’re buying or selling
  • Negotiating — appeal to customers, suppliers or internal decision-makers with objective pricing data
  • Forecasting — make projections with detailed historical data
  • Valuation — estimate network asset values based on market prices for bandwidth


TeleGeography’s Bandwidth Pricing Database provides anonymous carrier price quotes for wholesale long-haul transport, exclusive of local access charges. Capacities range from E-1 to STM-16 on protected SDH/SONET circuits, and 2.5 Gbps to 100 Gbps for unprotected wavelength services.

Database Features

Searchable by circuit type, city, route, region, and time period. All data can easily be exported into Excel for further analysis. Built-in graphing features allow users to quickly analyze price trends by route and by service provider.

Database Screenshots

Carrier Postings View

Carrier price charts show individual carrier prices over time for selected route, capacity, and time period. Each point represents a price quote by an individual carrier. Scrolling over the point shows the anonymous carrier code, price and date.


Data Summary View

Summary price charts show quarterly median, average, high, and low prices over time for selected routes, capacity, and time period. Hovering the cursor over the chart shows data values for selected quarter.



Data View

Price data may be shown by carrier or by quarterly summary statistics (average, median, high, low) for selected geography, circuit, and time period. Geographic selections include city, country, or region, and city, country, or region pairs.

Bandwidth Pricing Database Service

Bandwidth Pricing Report

Subscribers to the Bandwidth Pricing Database receive TeleGeography’s bi-monthly Bandwidth Pricing Report, which provides detailed analysis of topical issues in the international wholesale market. Subscribers also receive the monthly Bandwidth Price Watch, a snapshot of price trends on benchmark routes. Recent Bandwidth Pricing Report topics include:

  • December 2012: European Bandwidth Review
  • October 2012: African Bandwidth Review
  • August 2012: End to End Pricing Review



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온라인 버전 엔터프라이즈 라이센스
(애널리스트의 질문 시간 4시간 포함)
US$ 25,000
온라인 버전 싱글 유저 라이센스
(애널리스트의 질문 시간 2시간 포함)
US$ 12,000