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2011년 유럽의 통신시장과 통신 사업자의 개관 세미나 「위기에 직면하고있는 유럽의 통신 시장의 최신 동향 : LTE 고정 광대역 운영자의 전략, 경제 불황」(일본・동경)

주최 영국 Octegra
개최일시 2011년 10월 28일(금)13:15~17:30
장소 IZUMI Garden Conference Room
발표자 영국Octegra사 John Moroney
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프로그램 내용

Overview of the main European Telecommunication Operators :

This part of the presentation will provide an overview of the main European operators in terms of the services they provide the number for subscriber they have, the markets/countries in which they operate, their revenues and future market strategies. It will include a short summary of leading operators such as FT-Orange, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica, BT, Telecom Italia, Vodafone, Telenor, and Teliasonera.

Long Term Evolution (LTE) :

The presentation will look at the current state of LTE in Europe. It will consider the latest round of spectrum auctions and trials. It will consider the current status of 3G deployments many of which have still not been fully deployed and the new services that operators believe LTE will enable. It will consider the long term strategies of the key mobile operators and how they intend to generate additional revenues with these new services. We will also consider the hardware vendors and how they are positioned on the LTE market.

Fixed Broadband :

The EU wants all 500 million Europeans to have basic broadband by 2013 with at least 30 Megabits per second connections by 2020 and half of households able to access bandwidth of 100Mbps. The investment cost is estimated at ?300bn. We will look at the development of broadband in Europe and whether the wireline operators are willing to make such a significant investment.

Operator Commercial Strategies :

In this part of the presentation we will look at the commercial strategies of the main European operators. This will included:
Fixed Mobile Convergence strategy, for example why Orange is developing its FMC strategy while Vodafone is withdrawing from Wireline services.
IPTV services and why most European operators have still not been able to capitalise on IPTV. Will the recent legal decision against Sky TV change the market for Premium content in Europe and how may this affect IPTV services?
Network Facility Sharing how large is the market for network sharing. How successful has the Everything Everywhere, joint venture between Orange and DT, been. What the future relationship between BT and Everything Everywhere on the development of LTE services.
European brand strategies and the race to win customer loyalty.

The Financial Crisis :

How will the current financial crisis affect European operators? How does this differ from the crisis of 2000? Will the European Union remain united and how could this affect the regulatory framework?