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Business Broadband Research Service (연간서비스)

TeleGeography’s Business Broadband Research Service is an extensive database of broadband service providers, plans, and prices.

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Service Highlights

  • Business broadband plan prices and specifications for 731 providers and 103 countries, updated quarterly
  • Pre-defined data analysis tools allow easy analysis of business broadband prices by region, subregion, country, capacity, and access type (cable, wireless, DSL, LAN/FTTx)
  • Geographic comparisons of plan features and access types
  • Country rankings by service price
  • Semi-annual Business Broadband Market Summary provides market trend analysis and insight

Business Broadband Provider Profiles

The Business Broadband Research Service profiles service offerings by country and provider. Provider profiles detail:

  • Plans offered, including:
    • Plan name
    • Access medium used to deliver service to the customer
    • The specific technology deployed
    • Download and upload speeds
    • Any monthly data usage limits
    • Setup fee and monthly recurring charge
    • Cost and availability of static IP addresses
  • Geographic availability of offerings
  • Upstream providers
  • Contact information

Business Broadband Pricing Workbook

Business broadband plan pricing data are presented in an Excel workbook that allows easy analysis of prices by geography, provider, and capacity using pre-defined comparison tools, including:

  • Charting tools to compare low, median, average, and high prices by region, subregion, and country, based on user-adjusted access type and capacity parameters
  • Country rankings by median service price, based on user-adjusted access type and capacity parameters
  • Charting tools to compare low, median, average, and high prices by service plan, based on user-adjusted geography, access type, and capacity parameters

Business Broadband Pricing Workbook

 BBRS Workbook

Bi-Annual Market Summary

Twice annually, subscribers receive concise written analysis, identifying and comparing market trends across regions and countries. Topics covered include:

  • Analysis of geographical price differences
  • The impact of plan features on service pricing
  • Analysis of broadband service providers’ upstream connectivity

Median and Price Range for 10 Mbps Plans, H1 2014

10Mbps Price Ranges

Market Coverage

Geographic coverage

The Business Broadband Research Service provides plan prices and specifications for 103 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Oceania, the U.S. & Canada, and Latin America & the Caribbean.

Capacities covered

TeleGeography’s data encompass a wide range of broadband plans with capacity levels from less than 1 Mbps through 1000 Mbps.



라이센스 수 가격
온라인 버전 싱글 유저 라이센스 (애널리스트의 질문 시간 1시간 포함) US$ 12,000
온라인 버전 엔터프라이즈 라이센스 (애널리스트의 질문 시간 3시간 포함) US$ 25,000